Studio Scale A-Wing??????


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Is the filming model A-Wing 1/24 scale or bigger?

Where could I find the correct dimensions to build a 1/24 scale model and what kits were used?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I found that thread but its full of a lot of "I think it was this or that" posts. There has got to be someone with some greater info out there.

Hopefully they will share.

This has got to be my favorite ship in the SW Universe.

My friend,... This is how "Greater knowledge" is attained. A few dedicated people in love with the subject pouring over every detail of it and trying to reverse engineer what ILM did mostly by random chance... As people banter back and forth with "I think it is this or that..." theories are proven or disproven and eventually they figure out what was really used - or at least as close as anyone will ever come - and it becomes "greater knowledge". If you're really into the A-Wing I suggest contacting a few of the people on that thread via PMs or e-mails and start serious dialog with them over what they've found .. and then ADD your own findings. Start looking at models availabe circa 1981 and try to figure out what ILM could've scavenged from somewhere else to create the model. Scanning other threads like the Millenium falcon thread or the X, y, and B wing threads will also give you clues since (especially the B-wing) it was built/created in the same shop around the same time and probably uses a part or two from the same scavenged model kit... ;)

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At the very least, post your queries on the thread that already exists rather than this redundant one. ;)
Dude. I was not intending to be harsh. I was just trying to explain that there is no "greater" knowledge about this model yet - unless you built the darn thing for ILM ;) I was just trying to explain how the process works so you don't feel ignored/frustrated when nobody answers your question. If anything I was trying to encourage you to join the hunt with your fellow a-wing lovers ;)

If I came off and scolding I apologize - that was not my intent ;)

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