Stranger things


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I discovered elsewhere, someone has identified Bob's map as an inverted map of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

VQkqwYa.jpg 1x0FKQW.jpg

Which would explain why the "North" on the image I posted previously is at the bottom left and upsidedown.


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Looked through 100s of maps this weekend. Waiting on a map that is 99% accurate. I will need to scan it, add some lakes and the Hawkins info on the side in Photoshop.


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Since 'lock-down'.. I gave this another shot..

While I'm not really a fan on Wynona Rider... I am now a 'fan' of the show.

All 4 seasons - done.


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hey everyone does anybody have any new paper props they're willing to share?

I made a Comic Book Cover from the official Season 4 video. Free to use any way you want.
The art style is more in the style of a Graphic Novel than a comic book. I wanted to capture the OTHERWORLDLY nature of the upside-down.


  • cover 9.jpg
    cover 9.jpg
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