Stargate Atlantis - Painting from the episode "Harmony (4x14)" were Col. Shepherd is hiding behind a little girl


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Alternate Link.

I hope stuff like this is not against any rules.
This is not screen accurate, there are little differences between this and the screen used prop.
This is a composite of two images that have been edited, re-touched and run through AI processing multiple times.

But unless you do a 1:1 comparison, i think it looks close enough.
I wanted to print and frame this but putting this in a proper frame is not within my current budget i had to realize.

So here you go, i did not want all the work it put into it go to waste, have fun! ☺️

I could not find the artists name or signature in a readable format.
If someone knows who made this and has the artitst signature, i would love to add that back.
The original that was on this did not survive processing.


  • harmony painting retouched final.jpg
    harmony painting retouched final.jpg
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