Star Wars Rebels E-11 Stormtrooper Blaster 3D model - HDprops

Hass Dardo

Hello everyone!

I have been a while making SW pepakura models and it's time to move to the 3D printing world. so, I wanna show you my most recent 3D model. the E-11 blaster from SW Rebels series. my goal is offer the most accurate as possible model for 3D printing. here they are some of the first stage of the modeling process.








The blaster are going to be split in several small piece for a better 3D printing. and the files will be available for purchase on my facebook page soon.

all are welcomed to check my Facebook page and see my pepakura work.

Feel free to ask or comment.



Master Member
Hi Augusto,

That's some amazing 3D work ... looking forward to a first finished printing of all the parts :)



New Member
Your models are beyond amazing. I got an unfortunate glitch where I can't see your E-11 blaster here though. :/
Anyhow, I have seen your models on Facebook, absolutely superb work! would it be possible if I could get my hands on one of the Stormtrooper models? I would obviously give credit, I am thinking of making a mini-short film. Any information will be greatly appreciated, cheers!
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