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Hey everyone, I thought I'd document the process of making my Spider-Man suit. I'm not going off of any specific design, but It's pretty much a combination of Alex Ross and Romita Sr. with some other design elements. So far I have made the faceshell, lenses and mask. I will be making YouTube videos about this project, and will post them in this thread when I finish them.
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For the faceshell I followed a tutorial by Sean's Crafts
I made a few modifications, like adding a lip on the inside edge of the eyes for the lenses to sit in (see images) and I made a different shape for the lens frames, I will post the templates I made for those additional pieces once I digitize them. I also used epoxy resin instead of fiberglass resin, and I didn't use fiberglass cloth because it seemed a little overkill. I also coated the faceshell in Plastidip so the mask will grip to it.


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Just finished the lens templates. They are already at the correct scale to match the faceshell template, if you print the faceshell templates at a different scale just make sure to print the lens templates at the same scale.


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My spider man costume has a lot of PILLING! I need HELP! I’ve tried razors and a sweater stone (pumice) and also tape. HELP!
Both fabrics have a texture. I'm using the blue fabric as is, but I don't like the texture of the red fabric, so I'm using the other side and adding a dotted texture using a technique that involves using perforated vinyl as bit of a stencil to paint the dots with puff paint. I used slick red puff paint for this. If you're not familiar with this technique, it can be seen in this video and this one.
I had to modify it a little though, the original method worked for me on test pieces of fabric, but for some reason not with the final fabric. So, what I ended up doing it peeling off the vinyl after letting the paint dry instead of pulling it off right away. One thing to note id that this makes it a lot harder to pull of the vinyl. (also ignore the blue puff paint in the photo of the previous message, I didn't use it)
For the webs I put the pattern on a light table, with the fabric on top, and traced the webs with a mixture of matte black puff paint and a bit of liquid latex to make the webs more flexible.
(I will upload a YouTube video tomorrow about the puff painting)


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