Soderbergh’s CONTAGION

Contagion....anyone see it yet?

Looks awesome/frightening and it's getting great reviews. Gonna catch it this weekend, I think....
Re: Contagion....anyone see it yet?

Yeah, does not look bad at all. I going to check it out this weekend. Of course after watching it, I may not want to shake any hands, or ever go into a mall or public place again.

Seems like this one has a few differences that will set it apart from similiar films, such as Outbreak.
Re: Contagion....anyone see it yet?

It does look good and I was surprised that they had some stars in there who apparently don't get much screen time before falling over dead. It probably won't do well in theaters but I bet it does well at home. It looks much much darker than Outbreak.
Re: Contagion....anyone see it yet?

I thought they did a great job with it. Can't say I did not leave thinking about trying to not touch objects in public. Scary in the realm of realistic threat, and some great acting. It did have a sort of 70's film filing to it, can't really put my finger on why I felt that way.
Re: Contagion....anyone see it yet?

It was nothing spectacular. I was going to go in a hazmat suit but decided not to.
Re: Contagion....anyone see it yet?

Yeah, I don't see why it is getting good reviews. I mean it was ok, but there were times where I was tapping my foot hoping things would pick up. I really wanted to do a Beavis & Butthead and pop an alka-seltzer in my mouth and roll around on the floor. :lol
Re: Contagion....anyone see it yet?

I must have looked at my watch at least 4 times during the film. In comparison, I never looked at my watch during Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes.
Re: Contagion....anyone see it yet?

i wasnt checking my watch, but it did seem to drag on a bit. going at 11 at night when i was already tired might not have been the best idea. take it or leave it, it was just an OK movie.
Re: Contagion....anyone see it yet?

I liked it. Better than Rise for me. A little slow but I liked it. Made me glad to be alive and well after the film was over. I didn't really like the abrupt ending though but it was entertaining.
Re: Contagion....anyone see it yet?

The best thing I can say about it is that it was "okay". Wasn't blown away. Kind of like vanilla ice cream. You like it, but without the whip cream, sprinkles, and cherry on top...just okay.
Re: Contagion....anyone see it yet?

I saw this Friday and absolutely loved it! Outbreak was good but was very Hollywood and over the top with big speeches, a silly conspiracy theory, and a cliched Race Against the Clock™.

There are no contrived dramatics in Contagion; it's all done in a very realistic way. There is an all star cast but they turn it down and support the script. Everyone really gave solid performances. Matt Damon's utter shock that death could devastate his family so suddenly and his efforts to protect his daughter. I also really liked Jude Law's character. It really illustrates why the conspiracy theorists are often liars just looking to make a buck. Kate Winslet's character was also one I really liked.

I bought some hand sanitizer after seeing that movie. Definitely makes you paranoid.

But it's not one of Soderbergh's big hollywood movies like Erin Brokovich or the Ocean's films. It's less mainstream and more indie like some of his other films. It's not likely to appeal to the average sci-fi & superhero movie-goer.
Re: Contagion....anyone see it yet?

I have to disagree with you, GotWookie. While you are right that there are no contrived dramatics... there is also no interest at all. The movie felt like the first 5 minutes of dozens of zombine or end of the world movies, painful stretched out into an hour and a half. Because of the poor editing and the way the multiple storylines were handled, I never really cared for anyone or was able to feel invested in any character. I also thought that this movie didn't quite know what it wanted to be. It was a bit of a mystery movie, but not really. It was a bit of a apocalyptic movie, but lacked the entertainment of zombies. At the end of the day this movie was essentially, people get sick, many die, a cure is found, those that live move on... and that is about it. There is nothing poignant and nothing to dwell on other than making you mildly suspicious of your fellow man. I can't help but think that this movie might have been funded by a hand sanitizer company.

I was really looking forward to this one and pretty disappointed in how it turned out.
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