SoCal (San Diego): The Great Prop Swap - June 8, 2024


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Hey all!
Been a minute since we had a Prop get together in SoCal... matter of fact, last year we had a small gathering of various makers in San Diego, and it was a resounding success - great vibe and great props & costumes to sell & trade! So this year Mike Appling from TrooperBay, the organizer, has decided to make it even better and bigger! He's rented a larger facility with both indoor and outdoor space for vendors, makers, and fan clubs!

It will take place Saturday June 8, 2024, from 10am until 4pm, at the Al Bahr Shrine located at 5440 Kearny Mesa Rd, San Diego, CA 92111

Confirmed vendors so far include Pilot Bay, Retro Collector, Kalevala Armory, Dr. Sci-Fi, Planet Kamino, TD Outpost, Artistic Lifestyle, SP, Mini Boba Boutique, Star Wars Replicas, Encased Comics, Scum and Villainy Acquisitions, Imperial Surplus, The Dad Batch, Longbow Productions, Mangtastic Paint & Props, TrooperBay, Kayak Cafe, JLO Collectables, SkyGuy Customs, The Covert and more!

There are special guests coming including: Rory Ross, Stephen Constantino, Juda Escalante, Lauren Mary Kim, Daniel Romero, Michelle Charlene Lee, & Dmitry Karas.

We expect there to be booths with representation from the San Diego Star Wars Society, 501st, Rebel Legion, Mando Mercs, Droid Builders, Sci-Fi Coalition, San Diego Ghostbusters, San Diego Sabers, and more!

If you're a maker and you'd like to be a vendor, please reach out to Mike Appling at

If you'd like to volunteer for a bit to help put this event on, same!

Ditto that if you've got a fan club that would like to have a booth at the event!

Tickets will go on sale January 1st for attendees. You can register, get more details & photos from last year's event here at the website:


*ahem* Sorry, it was my first.

And guests! I LOVE guests!

I think I went through the whole Dropbox.

Thanks, it's getting dark outside...
Definitely a fun event. Lots of great vendors, and good deals to be had. My daughter got herself some more Mando armor pieces, I got some spare stormtrooper parts, and got to see a lot of really cool stuff being made by our SoCal area prop makers. Having some actors and professional production people around was fun, and they were very nice to chat with. And it's always great seeing my nerd family in person.

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