So I watched Blade.....


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Saw it on the $3.99 rack at the local 7-11 and thought "what the hell,everybody says it's good".........................

Well even though I only paid four bucks I kinda want my damn money back! that movie was HORRIBLE :sick never have I see such bad acting and the story line be honest I didn't go so far as to follow it,just kept wondering when the damn thing was gonna be over.

So get the rope,but Ghost Rider was better,yea it wasn't all it could be but it was fun-Blade was just a lot of bad acting and really s*itty effects and a guy who walked around and acted like he was constipated and had a stick up his arse.

No way I'm gonna watch any of the others :behave


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:lol Blade had some good points, but it was one of those "thrown together/let's make a movie based on a comic book and it quickly unraveled.I can't believe they had the audacity to make sequels.Ghost Rider was "OK", but certainly not much better than Blade I.M.O.Sorry you wasted your $$$.Instead,see a good film you like.For instance, I'm seeing Sherlock Holmes in about a week and I know it'll be worth its salt in the theater.

cayman shen

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I liked the first two quite a bit. Were they works of genius? Nope. But did I feel like I'd wasted my time on some Van Helsing level catastrophe? Not at all. Well, until part three :lol


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The only good Blade movie is the second one. Way superior compared to the first and the third one. But it does refer to the events in the first movie so you'd kinda have to skim through the first one to understand the references.

Wes R

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It wasn't bad, it was better than most Marvel movies up until that point for sure. You also have to remember how old that movie is when it comes to the effects and at that point comic book movies didn't get big budget effects.


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I like the first one. First saw it at the dollar multi-plex. Walked in and got a ticket for the first show that started. Watched it several times since then and have the DVD.
The other two.....suck. It's amazing that generally people like one and hate the two others. And it's a different one that they like.

Never saw ghost rider and don't want to.

Or twilight. If Blade was in twilight I might go.

Alan Cross

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The only good Blade movie is the second one. Way superior compared to the first and the third one.

NAILED it. First one's okayyyyy. The SECOND ONE is just creepy as **** and has some of the best make-up prosthetic work (split chin effect) I've ever seen. The villains are wonderfully scary. The fight scenes are awesome in an over-the-top fun way... very watchable.

The third one is awful.


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The third one isn't even a good ipod commercial :lol

Hahaha you are right, I totally agree! Pretty sure I haven't even sat through the whole film.

I love the first and second movie, wasn't a fan of the face split vamps, they soon grew on me.

Stephen Dorf was going to do a blade prequel with frost, I think I remember someone saying Snipes would not allow it.

Mola Rob

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I like the first two but the third should be wiped from existence. I made it through about ten minutes of Ghost Rider but had to stop because I couldn't stop laughing.
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