Smallville Kryptonite Bar


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I started this a few days ago, made a quick mold and made a test casting of it tonight.
It turned out pretty good, To bad it got alot of air bubbles otherwise it would be fine.
This isnt accurate to scale, Because i didnt wanna spend 2 liter Resin :D

Any feedback are welcome, Im gonna take some better pics during the weekend.



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Thanks guys, No i dont have a pressure pot :( Wish i had.. im trying to be so careful when mixing the resin and pouring it to get rid of all the bubbles.. but it still end up bubbles in the casting.

Kal-ElofKrypton Thanks, But i have the episode on my computer.
I know mine isnt accurate in size, Thats because i didnt try to make it so big as in the episode.
Resin for a such huge piece is expensive, So thats why i scaled it down to this.


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Yeah, Its about 65 dollars for 0,5 liter Resin, Curing agent included.
Im thinking of ordering some from Smooth-on, It have to be cheaper overall if i make a large order.

This chunk of Resin will light up my desk in a nice color :love
Cant wait till i can afford Ship key and Clark Ring from Rob.