Sleepy Hollow: Headless Horseman costume???


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Has anyone done one of these costumes??
Does anyone know how the effect was achieved in the movie?
Any info would be great.
In the movie I'm pretty sure they had a green sock mask over the actors head to green screen his head out.
Otherwise the proportions would have been off.
Yea i was sort of assuming it was something like that, but thought maybe they had at least one practical one. I dunno . . . .
Yep that is Mr. Ray Park! here is a pic with the thing on

So wait, used Ray Park to wear a full mask to film a scene of portraying Chris Walken acting out the same action in the film? Couldn't they have just used CW for the entire shot or two? I don't understand?...
Ray Park did all of the headless stuff... The fighting and what not. The blue hood was used to remove his head in post. Walken was only needed for the character when he still had his head during the flash backs and at the end of the film...
I am thinking of doing the costume for Halloween if i can find everything. I dont like the head buried in the chest because the proportions look silly but my solution is weak. I was going to carve a pumpkin and wear it as a mask (ala the disney version) I saw someone do something similar in Boston a few years back (his costume was just a carved pumpkin on his head and a trench coat but it was ridiculously eerie. I figure I can also just take it off when I am just hanging out.
i know the screen used headless horseman's sword is rubber. it's in a glass case (a small case, all by itself) in the orlando disney land. it moves around alot. last i saw it it was parked by itself in between a arcade machine and a bathroom door. about all i can tell you.
Costume looks great from the neck down, evil sword, black hatchet rotted clock. What do I do about my head?

Carve an evil pumpkin and wear it or go with a evil latex mask type pumpkin. I think the real pumpin would look better and I could cover the eye sockets/nose with tulle and put some red glowsticks inside to make it look more eeirie. Any ideas?
So I just got back from DisneyWorld with the family. We did a "Haunted Carriage Ride" one night. Basically just sat in the back of a horse drawn carraige while a story was told. But then at the end, a headless horseman on a huge black horse comes screaming out of the woods at the carriage. This guy looked awesome. I'm considering buying a horse just so I can do this costume and ride through the neighborhood like this guy. :lol

I know it doesn't help you build your costume, but if anyone got any pics of that guy or you can find them online anywhere, it may help you out. Sorry I don't have more details on that part, I was holding a sleeping 13 month old and couldn't keep eyes on him the whole time.
To bad you're not in L.A. At the Tim Burton exhibit they have his cloak on display.

All I know is there were loads of different fabrics sewn together (almost quilted together) and then burned away. Plus there was like grease or paint or something to darken bits of it. Some of the fabrics was some kind of black and silver brocade the red sort of satine/cotton blend look (it was like satin but not shiny) and then some black and maybe dark gray organza to give more of that tattered look when burned away. Also looking up into I could have sworn there was some kind of rigging for it to sit on the shoulders a bit. Maybe it was just to give a more imposing look to Ray Parks since he's sort of small?? Probably didn't go completely over his head but maybe just a bit. I dunno but there was definitely something there that wasn't part of what was holding it to the wall.

It was an awesome cloak and I wish we could have taken pics. : (
I know this is a little late but I know that they didn't use Walken at the parts when he didn't have a head because he couldn't actually ride a horse unless he really, really needed to. They even made a fake horse for him.
Bump: Has anyone on this board ever made a reasonably screen accurate costume of this amazing character?
Build up your shoulder and get a coat that has a high collar that you can turn up, you just need it to cover up the top of your head, use a scarf to hide anything else, placing spots where you can see of course, a black character hood should work. for you jack-o-lantern head. I would try and sculpt it. reference season 2 OZ episode of Face Off, to get some cool ideas for the pumpkin sculpt. with a costume this cool having a pumpkin you just throw away at the end of the night i think would be a waste if you going to spend so much time on a costume it should be one you can put on a display.
I was more interested in the costume without the hidden head, but as a straight costume, with a Christopher Walken mask or bust on a mannequin display. Has anyone seen the costume done by a fan or design studio? I have to think someone has done this.
I've always wanted to do this costume as well, but could never get past the same issue with the "head". It's been a while since I checked his site but the best "made" suit I'd seen was done by Matt, here- Home

I know the Museum Replicas Ltd. is doing a suit later this year, but I'd be cautious as to their quality...
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