Shane Black’s ‘Predator’ Sequel Will “Reinvent the Franchise”, Says Producer John Davis

Always good to know we're getting more on our favorite topic, I hate to say but he better be aware, expectations will be high. Don't flub it.
I hope Shane doesn't mess it up he has the resources to pull this off hopefully he has done his research taken ideas from the comics and predator 1 and 2 would be cool if they spoke with the original writers jim & john thomas and get some feedback from them. I'm praying this is good hopefully they can bring some of the original crew back for the suits legacy effects.
Well, I mean you wouldn't want the character to stagnate with the same exact design for all eternity. I wasn't a fan of the "Super-Predators" but I appreciated the attempt to do something new.
Yeah, I hated the redesign on the face of berserker. It didn't feel like a predator to me. The bio-mask didn't thrill me, but I didn't mind. To be honest my favorite designs come outta here most of the time.
Can't wait for another Movie. There are certain things I didn't like about the berserker like the general shape of the head, and the face, but I really enjoyed the color scheme.
Weyland has been in so many films that spans across decades. Regardless of age they can still have a great presence in a movie. Even though Weyland did get killed by Scar he atleast put up a show with his makeshift flame thrower.
I agree on how spot on it was that they cast him in the original, but not bringing him back in the second one is where they blew it. I've felt that way all along. He would have fit well into Busey's part, with minor changes in the script.
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