Serenity shock baton


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I know this was covered at some point long, long ago, but I can't find the thread it was talked about in. (I think I may have even be the one to talk about it. :Lol)




I know, it was either made from, or based on, a cheep sword cane from a cheepo site like budk. I used to know the name of that cane but that was a long time ago, and I have long since forgotten, and despite my best efforts, I have not ben able to track it down again. All I remember is it was offered in both this color scheme, and it was also offered, with a black handle (maybe with the silver/aluminum color in the grooves) And I think it may have been called something other then a sword cane (though that is what it was) Maybe something like security stick, or something like that.

if it was made from the cane, it would have of course been cut down, and had the light at the end added, and the button on the side as well.

Can someone please post the name of that sword cane, and/or post links to where it might be bout now-a-days?

It may not have seen much screen time (if any) but I have always liked the look of it, and it would make a nice, cheep, prop project for those that are looking for one. :)
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