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Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by HOBBIT 7, Apr 15, 2006.

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    I'm looking for a casting resin that has the same, or close to, consistancy as plastic army men after it cures. Emailed Smooth On several times but they haven't replied back.


    Hobbit 7
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    Don't know if this will help but I ordered the smoothcast 45D series from the as they
    said it would dry solid but not require a pressure chamber to rid it of bubbles.
    While it does come out bubble free, I have as of yet been able to get it to dry
    solid. It dries like your army men look. Just a though. This was from smoothon
    as well.
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    You can also do a combination of rigid and flexible urethane to control the flexibilty of the material.

    for example

    lets say you want a 60/40mix of the two components.

    first measure out the rigid, a total of 60 grams for example (30 grams A, 30 grams B ) this is assuming its a 50/50 mix.

    then the flexible, a toal of 40 grams (20 grams A, 20 grams B )

    This is the important part.
    mix the two A components together
    mix the two B components together

    Then mix the the combined components together and pour into the mold.

    Make sure they are compatible materials/brands. Your best bet is to use one companies two materials.

    The reason for all of this is YOU control the amount of flexibilty or rigidity.

    the more flexible resin, the more flexible the part and vise versa for the opposite. This technique is used alot for stunt props.

    Good luck

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    I think maybe you misunderstood there info. I does curesolid, I does not cure rigid. It will stay simi flexible for its lifespan. I have used this material alot for miniature sets and props and its wonderful stuff.
    Its important to check if a material if rigid or flexible when fully cured before you purchase it.

    One more note, you can contact the manufacturer or a local distributor and request a sample to be sent. If you are in the los angeles area Reynolds advanced materials is a distributor for Smooth on. You can also try Silpak industries BJB enterprises, or PTM&W, all have websites.
    hope this helps

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    I own 8 Bit Evolution - Your Childhood, Evolved. We refurbish and modify old videogame systems. We have new PCB boards and LCDs manufactured, paint the shells, and package them up in pretty retail boxes when they're ready to be sold to retro collectors.

    One of the current projects I'm trying to source on is a “Gameboy Micro” face plate. I attached an image of the face plates we have had made before.

    I'm having a lot of difficulty trying to have these produced. The previous manufacturer was in Ohio, and also produced custom automobile gauge faces. My needs are in the hundreds, not the thousands, which is the biggest bottleneck I've encountered to moving forward with a new manufacturer.

    - Do you have any suggestions, for having these produced in smaller runs?

    - The face plates are attached with double sided tape or glue.

    - They are made of a semisoft resin

    - The middle area is clear.

    - I do not have a CAD/blueprint/STL of the faceplate, but I do have many samples and I can certainly mail one to you.

    I also attached an image called "GBMicro.jpg" that shows the unit without a faceplate, and “uncut.jpg” which shows the screen before the overflow plastic from the molding process (which is one possible manufacturing technique) is trimmed. Without a face plate they are unfinished and prone to water damage

    Please let me know if there's anything I can do, or anything you can share with me to help find some solution here. I would greatly appreciate any help, advice, or service you can provide me

    Thank you

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    It also depends on the size and shape of the cast item. I used one of their rigid plastics for a part that is long and very thin and it still flexes a bit.

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