cayman shen

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I've been all over the web, here, Starshipmodeler, many other places, and I've been assembling info on how to scratchbuild models. I've put together a fair number of kits, and I can handle and exacto knife and squadron putty, but I've never used an airbrush, so that gives you an idea of my skill level--a fairly competent beginner.

So here's my question--what have you discovered through trial and error, tips, hints, tools, materials, frustrations--that you wish you'd known before you started?

Rhett J Martin

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Research is your best freind. Nothing stops a build faster than not knowing what goes where. I love building movie cars, and many have never been in a satisfying kit form, or in kit form at all.
So researching weeks before hand, i.e. type of car or ship or plane, elements that went into building, who built it and how, etc. can help immensly in a scratchbuild. Whether the Bluesmobile or The Dipmobile, the research will count. Case in point, my latest scratchbuild.

That and a crapload of plastiweld and bondo . . . B)

cayman shen

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See, it never would have occured to me to look into HOW the original was made (other than kitbashed parts, but I mean technique). I'm into Star Wars--I guess it's time to get the newly inflated Chronicles.

cayman shen

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That looks great. I was going to do something a bit simpler, like a Slave II out of the Essential guide to vehicles book. Step one, make a box...

So, research...I almost picked up a copy of SW Chronicles, but I figured I could find enough reference online. I did promise myself if I could get it for 75 bucks, I'd buy it just to have.

I built a vacuum-forming table this weekend. What a nice, simple afternoon project. I can't wait to try it out.


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Originally posted by Bigvade@Jun 14 2005, 11:16 AM
I can't say enough about research....good quality reference pics can make or break a build. I started building this Star destroyer on a whim, then RPF'ers started submitting awesome ref pics left and right. It was a MAJOR help.

Here's my first scratchbuild.

Robert :)

Gosh Robert. I remember how much fun that was to watch you update us in that thread. What an awesome job you did and the time you did it in was amazing. :thumbsup
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