Scott Marshall Elder


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Hi, just finished these 2 SM Elders for customers. Thanks for stopping in (y)
A masterpiece indeed. I can already see this beauties displayed with LED lights framing them. But not to bright just enough to emphasize that great details and paint work. Hail to you champion...
Well Greyback Pred is one of my favorite. I have NECA's 1/4 version but seeing this is off the chart. A true testament how great Elder design really is. About lighting I'm into model railway as well and I've learned that the same thing Illuminated properly looks ten times better. In the future I really need to find that space for display cabinet for my Preds freeing them from the boxes...
What the **** dude!...Speechless.
I don't think there's a single person who could deny the mastery of your skills and artistry on display right there. Humbling work indeed. Full praise man...
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