Rubies Supreme Vader - help required


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Hi guys..

Been lurking around for a while now, but thought I'd finally get to sign up...

So welcome to everyone, and nice to see a few familiar faces too.

Anyway, I've recently picked up a Supreme Vader lid, and as usual, is gonna be modded.

I'm aiming for near on AHN look (well as close as it will allow), so have accurate tucks on order from Alan (Fatherless One) and on the verge of getting some decent lenses..

Also made the chin area smaller, and added the 'point' to the dome.

What I'm after is any close ups, or good references for the correct black/silver colouring, as the majority of pics I've found are hard to make out.. where each colour starts & finishes...

Any help will be very much appreciated...

Oh, and here's a quick pic of the progress.... so any extra comments are most welcome..

Supreme Vader pic

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