RPF meet up at Gallifrey one 2015?

I would if I could borrow Tony Stark's private jet for a day :lol:facepalm sorry,too far from home I'm affraid...grrr
No idea what my schedule will be like, as gf is on a few panels and hosts one and I've yet to look over the sched entirely, but it'd be a cool idea sure. Will be driving in Tues or Weds this year, out Mon AM.

Also, as gf has walked away from drinking (and I suppose I did as well) gf will be meeting up with a few folks who've dropped drinking in the last year and need a hand getting through lobbycon. Should be some info on that floating around the Con forum... I think....
Sounds great guys/gals. If anything we can all grab a bite to eat. Drop me a line an ill shoot you my contact info so we can coordinate.
Im thinking sunday afternoon meet up at the lobby thengo grab a bite in one of the surrounding restaurants.
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