Rocketeer leather Jacket!

Originally posted by mr.predicta@Dec 30 2005, 03:46 AM
I'll say its interesting.
These people contacted me October 26 and picked my brain and photos of the original I have on my web
Guess I know now what they did with it.

Just to set the record straight, the sum total of any "picking of Mr.Predicta's brain" was to ask if his pictures were screen-accurate or not. As the people who saw our early version Rocketeer prototype at Dragon*Con 2004 can attest to, this is a project that we've been independently working on for quite some time now. The six photos of a Rocketeer jacket on the sbove site are nice and do show some specific details, but they are hardly enough to base an entire garment pattern on...

Got Maul

Official Licensee
hey no need to get all defensive - no one was accusing abbeyshot of anything. You guys do quality work no less and I for one can't wait to see your finished product.

Now, let's cool things down with a lovely picture of the Abbeyshot ladies :love
Sorry if I sounded defensive. I just didn't want it to look like we're ripping off anyone. I wasn't upset or anything, just didn't want to give the wrong impression, that's all. :)

As pics of the Abby Girls, judging from the response they got last Sept at D*Con, I'm not sure if it'll be cooling things down, :p but regardless here's some pics of them from Dragon*Con 2005:
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