Rivets for lightsaber


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OK, I think I am about to loose it and go mad!! :confused

I am trying to find the rivets to use on my Graflex for the grips and D-Ring attachement. Now, I know this has been done by many members before me and I have see some great photos here of the results. (I prefer the rivets to the phillips screws)

However, I cannot find anyone who can tell me what they are called, what size they are and where I can buy them. Believe me, I have tried to discover what they are and where to purchase them myself. I THINK they are called "Dome Head Steel Rivets" but am not sure. Size and availability still alude me!

I cannot find any Hardware Stores here in the UK that stocks them and the internet hasn't helped with pictures to identify them either. I would be willing to buy them from ANY country!!

I have even sent a PM to a member who's photos of his Graflex work were simply superb, but alas no responce.

Please, please if someone knows what the hell I should be trying to buy, please put me out of my misery!!:cry

Thank you in anticipation.


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Hi there,

Check this out:


Ask them for pictures and different sizes available,

Sorry but I don't have the correct rivet size for
Luke's ESB graflex lightsaber grips and D-ring.

PM Clutch or James Kenobi 1138, they might know!

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If you absolutely cannot get the info you need and find any rivets, I suggest using button head screws. They use a hex key, not a phillips head screwdriver.


I know that's sacrificing movie accuracy so if that's very important to you, I only suggest it if all else fails.

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Got a pic of exactly what you want? Preferably one on the graflex. Sorry i am not up on the sabers and not sure if the ROTJ are the same as ESB or ANH. If you can't get them i'll find them here.


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Firstly, a HUGE thank you for all your replies. Really helpful.

Not quite a difinitive answer, but I am beginning to think this may not be as straight forward and easy as I thought.

Thanks Sym-Cha, I will contact the members and also that rivet company tomorrow.

I was inspired by the following pics:









This is "supposedly" ESB accurate, but I know that the jury is still out on whether rivets were ever used. But I love the look of them!

I'm still going to keep looking!

Anybody else got any helpful ideas?!!


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On the ESB bluray they look more like black phillips head screws on the grips. I could be wrong but that's what they appeared to be to me.


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All the Sabers I've ever built use 1/8" rivets, 3/8" long for the grips, 1/2" long for the D-Ring. Size of these rivets lines up with photos of the original props exactly, there's really not any other 'variations' of rivets that can be used, they are what they are.


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Show me a picture of a screen used saber with rivets in the grips please. Not the thing that was posted above.

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At 1.5" the rivits heads are 1/4" and like ewokus said that is a 1/8" rivet. They should be available over there. Do they make metric rivets? Also where were the original sabers made? US or UK?
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