RIP Sean Connery

Probe Droid

Master Member
One of the gods. Even though 90 is a great run, and we all go eventually, this is a hard one.

The Once and Future Bond, a real man's man, the guy was solid in everything (and he was in some true stinkers--a job's a job), but so many, many good films beyond 007. Always fun to watch on screen.

You did good, Sean. Rest easy, man.

Darth Lars

Master Member
He had been on my list of celebrities I had expected to die any time now only because of his age ... but that doesn't make it any less heart-breaking.

The only true James Bond for me.

My Greek king and English fireman, my Egyptian sword-master, my archaeology professor, my monastic mentor and my submarine captain.
... and not to forget: Zed from Zardoz ;)
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Zombie Killer

Master Member
RIP Mr Connery.....i will never forget Zed from Zardoz.


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