Req for anyone with instructions for the SS Cylon Raider?


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I need to touch mine up after it was dropped and repaired and it was built up by someone else using the color scheme suggestions from the instructions. I cannot contact them and was never given the kit instructions, does anyone here have them that they can share the paint color suggestions with me so I can match them for my touch up?



Boba Flint

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Here are the painting suggestions from the instructions.

Base color - Dk. Ghost Grey

Wing stripes/cockpit color - Euro grey with a touch of flat black

Triangular panels - 1/2 Dk Gull grey & 1/2 intermediate blue

Panel contrast- Gunship & Intermediate blue. Dk ghost to lighten. Violet & skintone base dk to triangular mix.

Cannon rings - touch of jet exhaust

Weathering - Thinned Camouflage grey