Replica Hook from Peter Pan starring Jason Isaacs

Hi Everyone,

I am having a replica of the pirate hook that Jason Isaacs used as Captain Hook in the 2003 live action film of Peter Pan. There used to be a pirate hook maker that made one of these replicas but he is no longer in business and a couple of other people were making them from pure steel and wood but were charging thousands of dollars for it.

I am lucky enough to have been introduced to the designer and prop maker of this hook via email (he lives out in Australia) and he has graciously agreed to make a replica of the hook for me for a very good price.

I would like to post the progress pictures that the maker has sent me.

First, he needed to dig out the mold he uses to make the sleeve/gauntlet. The entire prop is made from urethane and a friend of mine who owns one of them says he has had it for over 10 years and is in perfect condition:


And from this mold, he made the following cast:


He is providing me with two detachable hooks (just like in the film). One of them has a rubber tip which I will use when performing at kid's functions:


He will also be inserting metal rods about 1/4 of an inch thick into the hooks to reinforce them and provide stability and weight:


Here is the first coat of paint on the arm of the sleeve/gauntlet (as well as the discs/hook base that the hook will screw in to):


And finally, the finished sleeve/gauntlet painting as well as the gold engraved section of the gauntlet (the white mark is the reflection from his work light):


He is going to line the interior of the gauntlet with leather and also insert a small grip for me to hold onto while wearing it. As soon as he sends me pictures of the entire thing completed, I will post them.

I would love hearing your thoughts so please post them! If you are interested in getting in touch with the maker to have one made for yourself, please send me a private message.

I just received the photos of the completed hook!

Ariel view from underneath:


Interior view of the finger grip:


Gauntlet with two hooks:


Completed hook:


What do you all think?
Pretty awesome prop, super jealous for sure. I always preferred this design to the Dustin Hoffman hook.
Hey Rook...if you're interested in acquiring your own, I'll send you a PM with the maker's details. Let me know if you're interested or not. It's not as expensive as it seems since its made from urethane instead of pure steel.
Hey Everyone,

So upon further investigation about my hook, it seems that the maker had several designs made for the film...some of them were rejected for different reasons, while others of them made very brief cameo appearances in the film, most notably during a scene where Captain Hook is choosing a hook or attachment to wear when the pirates venture out to kidnap the lost boys and Wendy.

I am trying to make a decision about which hook I would like him to make for me next. Right now I am leaning towards a regular single hook made out of metal with either a silver or black color or the double hook made of metal either in silver or black. I would like your help in trying to figure out which one I should choose.

Here are some pics of different hooks considered and used for the film:




In case you are wondering, the hooks with the bent tip was the original design and prototype for the film but Jason Isaacs kept getting it caught on any fabric that he would come in contact with so it was immediately scrapped and redesigned to what we know as his hook. I personally think it looks too spikey and too dainty for Captain Hook anyway (at least as portrayed by Isaacs). What do you think?
This is amazing. You said you were willing to give out the makers email? Would to be willing to send it to me? How much did he charge for the replica?
Man, I allways loved that hook, is he still making them? And if so could you clarify on the price, a rough estimate is fine (prices change ofcourse)
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