Red Robin and Black Bat

Discussion in 'DC Costumes and Props' started by Kiarou, Feb 23, 2012.

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    Hello all,
    My first time poster, long time lurker

    My gf and I are starting an ambitious project
    We are doing a Rocafort inspired versions of Red Robin and Black Bat (see attached)

    My question is, what is the best type of clay to use for the sculpting?
    I know it needs to be sulfer based since I'll be making the negative out of silicone. But I need it to be very smooth and detailed and from my experience its a little difficult to get that out of just normal sulfer clay from the art store and water for smoothing. So any tips in that department would be great!

    I was planning on making the suits out of Dragon Skin rubber from Smooth of. Maybe making the midsection and joints out of the soft Dragonskin and the check and more rigid part out of the harder Dragonskin. (so if anyone has experience with dragon skin, I'd love to hear it)

    Also, how should i section off the suits? I was thinking doing one cast for the cowl, one cast for the torso+groin area, one cast for each thigh/leg and one cast for each arm--maybe two for the upper and lower arm?
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    Badass design there, I feel black-bat looks a bit too busy though. like that look would work more as batgirl.
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    "I know it needs to be sulfer based since I'll be making the negative out of silicone."

    Actually, its the opposite of that. It MUST be non sulfer based clay if youre using silicone. Anything with sulfer in it will inhibit the silicone from curing.
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    WED Clay
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    Those will be kick butt!!
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    1st off those are amazing designs. Id be very excited to see those finalized. Good work. For the armor i wouldn't suggest dragon skin. Thats something that lends itself to more organic pieces that are meant to mimic flesh. You could get away with using a type of urethane. The cowls can even be latex, i haven't had any problems with durability or flexibility. And you seem to have a good idea of where to break down the molds. Id love to see you follow through, good luck.

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