"RAIDERS" of the Lost Ark?


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A co-worker and I were talking movies recently. He's 35 and said he's only watched Raiders a few times. He then asked me "Who are the Raiders"?

Hmmm, I never thought about that before but I just assumed over the last 42 years that it was both Jones and the Nazis. As we talked about it, he said he thinks it's the Nazis.

What say some of you?
Technically a Raider is a maurader, thief. Indy is rescuing/saving it.
Merriam-Webster offers an alternative definition of raid as "a daring operation against a competitor." Seems pretty on point.

But a worthwhile question. Incidentally, if Disney produces an Indy TV show as has been rumored, I'm betting heavily that it will be called Raiders.
On a side note, when I heard about the movie in various magazines before its release, I thought it was about Noah's Ark. Seriously. I had no knowledge of the Ark of the Covenant. I was baffled there was a movie coming out about Harrison Ford and Noah's Ark.

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