Rachael's Brocade Coat Info? Pics?


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For a long time, I have been looking for some detailed information on Rachael's black brocade coat. There are only about a half dozen or so images online. There have never been so many. However, there are no good closeups of the brocade pattern anywhere. Nor is there even details of the design of the coat. All of the pictures are low res or tiny.

Has anyone here seen any useful information on this anywhere?

Thanks in advance.


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There is a bit of information available on the Propsummit facebook page. The coat was reunited with Sean Young in 2019.

It might be worth trying to contact Gary Willoughby on the BladeZone website, to see if he has any pics/info. He interviewed Fan Tao, the guy who acquired the coat at the New York Christies auction of July 2001.

BladeZone article

p.s. You don't happen to know what the pendant was, that J F Sebastian wore, by any chance?... I think it might be a wren, but I have never found any clear pics. :lol:

(Edit: Following my own advice, I have tried emailing the website of William Sanderson to ask, so fingers crossed)
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