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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Sulla, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. Sulla

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    I am playing with making a Nine Gates to the Kingdon of Shadows book and I am wondering where the placement of the wood cuts go?

    I have the chapter starting pages, the chapter ending pages, all the wood cuts, and tons of filler pages... but where within each chapter are the wood cuts placed?

    Anyone done a 9 Gates book?

  2. Sulla

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    No one made a Nine Gates to the Kingdom of Shadows book?
  3. Lanboy

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    Mike Haspil made a run of 13 amazing copies of the 9 Gates. The binding work was done by the woman who made the props for the movie, and it came with a bunch of other paper props - Corso's notes, business cards, the postcard of Balkan's castle, the notes from the Baroness' copy of the 9 well as additional copies of each woodcut. It was identical to the Telfer copy from the movie, aside from the "tells" that Mike introduced into the text of the book on a few of the pages. Included in the text were references to Cthulhu, Hastur and the King in Yellow...hilarious.
  4. darcjedi

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    i was one of the lucky few to be a part of the run of books, and it is one of the most prized pieces in my collection. the attention to detail and amount of extras included with the book was incredible.


    mike also has on his site a very nice tutorial on how to make a nice replica of the book, and even supplies the text and woodcuts.... which can be found here

  5. Sulla

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    I contacted mike. He's a great guy.
  6. LeMarchand

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    I am one of the lucky 13 (freaky number hey? :D) as well. I also got a metal cast pentagram (cast from the original) the cultmemembers were wearing and a signed 'true ninth gate' engraving done by the engraver who did them for the movie.

    the book is absolutely gorgeous and one of my most priced pieces in my collection. It came with a ton of paperprops and an embroided patch as well. very, very cool.


  7. Sulla

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    darcjedi, LeMerchand, you wouldn't want to take a few detail pics of a few certain spots of your Book of Shadows for little 'ole me would would you?

    Please, please, please?? :$

    Drop me a PM or e-mail if you are willing...
  8. Jumpin Jax

    Jumpin Jax Sr Member

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    Don't suppose the makers would be interested in a blank book run? I just love the cover, might like to do a Indy Diary/DIY on it.
  9. whoever

    whoever Well-Known Member

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    Man, what I wouldn't give for a re-run of these, or somebody putting together finished copies.
  10. mrsmartypants

    mrsmartypants Well-Known Member

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    Kalkamel makes all 3 versions of the book and provides all the inserts mentioned as well. Look him up here. I have one of his Balkan books and it is outstanding.
  11. CrazyCollector

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    I have a KalKamel Fargas and totally love it. LeMarchand, could you tell us where you obtained your Ninth Gate pentagram metal pentagram from, been looking for one for ages and passed up one on ebay many years back. Bleh. I've been "Crazy" to obtain once ever since. Great post! more pics please!

  12. pauljones33

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    Good call CC, I've also fancied one of the pentagrams to display with my books and woodcuts. LeMarchand please help us out by pointing the way :angel

  13. Daikijin

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    To maybe help answer your question. In the book El Club Dumas, it is mentioned that the woodcuts are placed as follows.

    I between pages 16-17
    II 32-33
    III 48-49
    IIII 64-65
    V 80-81
    VI 96-97
    VII 112-113
    VIII 128-129
    VIIII 144-145

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