Purple Tuxedo


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Go to a formal shop and buy a white tux. You could either dye it yourself or ask if they can recommend a wedding dress shop. They frequently dye dresses, shoes, etc. to match wedding party colors.

Good luck :)


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Got mine from a costume rental shop a few years back, was looking for something for Halloween and I came across it, thought, who the hell would want a purple tuxed.....waitaminute. Cost me $50 for coat w/tails and pants.

Have to be careful with the white tux, if it has any polyester at all, it won't dye well. Learned that from the shirt and vest I bought to dye orange. the shirt worked great, the vest ended up a light peach. I had to get fabric paint and airbrush the orange onto it.

Not the best pic, but:


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the cosutme rental place near me has 2-3 joker costumes as well, just not for sale. The lady who runs it makes all the costumes from scratch. Some nicely done, some quickies (and reflected in rental price). I'm sure (depending on how much you want to spend) on could tailor one for you if thats an option.


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I have a white 100% polyester tux that i wanted to have custom dyed purle and I gotta tell you that NO-ONE would do it...I tried bridal shops, tailors, dry cleaners, even tux shops and on line dye shops and whenever they hear the word "polyester" they said it would be cheaper to just have one custom made because the process was too complicated :cry

I still have it sitting in my closet, so if anyone out there has has sucess with getting one colored please, PLEASE tell me wher you did it because I wouldvery very interested in having it done


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Back in 1989, my mom made me the tails out of purple cloth using an Uncle Same costume pattern she found at a sewing store. I had to find purple pants at a thrift shop. If I can dig up a photo I'll post it.
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