Production made 1/3 scale ALIEN QUEEN PICS

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Here is a rather worse for wear, production made (AVP) 1/3 scale Alien Queen...sitting in my living room.





The face and jaw are resin, the rest of the head is a dense self-skinning polyurethane rubber, the body is a very soft polyurethane rubber with a wire armature. The missing small arm, large hand, legs and tail have also survived, but I don't have them at the moment.

I am trying to do what I can (with some help) to restore this beast. The softer rubber of the body is in pretty bad shape, so everything is going to be disassembled and moulded first. the head is in great shape though.
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WOW! thats an interesting restoration project, how did you bag that?

She looks kind of funny in the basket, almost as if the basket should be on the front of a BMX bike :)
not recasting if its production made:behave...

anyways, this is a really impressive piece that queen looks huge! wow and i thought my 1/3 avp alien head was big! very cool cant wait to follow the restoration
The whole premise of the community is replica props and the best replica props are cast directly from screen used pieces, generally.

This being production used is totally allowed to be offered via the accepted code, however once studios get involved it pushes everything into the realm of licensed copies, big bucks stuff.

I totally understand the angle pumpkinhead is coming from, indeed it is the correct and legal standpoint. But it raises a few questions about the accepted protocols here.

But if this attitude is adopted across the whole of the RPF then we should forget about ANY cast from production items, don post recasts, illusive concepts recasts and all the others. Licensed pieces or scratchbuilt/sculpted only, but even then not if it is infringing on copywrite.

Sorry to detract from your thread Vos, I know you haven't even mentioned selling copies. Great piece I look forward to your restoration.
This feels more like a "Look at this cool thing I got to restore" more than a "Im casting and selling this." I think when he mentioned casting, it was more to replace damaged parts on the alien -
ob1al, If I didn't work in the film industry I would agree with you, but I do, so sometimes guess I have to live by a different set of rules...simply for my reputation's sake. Don't get me wrong though, I still think certain stuff is fair game...if it's from the 70s and 80s and I want one :)

The queen doesn't even belong to me. Any part that is moulded is being done so in case the original parts have deteriorated beyond repair. The head is in great condition...but the body isn't.

SonOfPumpkinhead, I am well aware of you and your father's links to the AVP queen. You needn't worry about this finding it's way onto the market.
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Thanks Vos. Wasn't trying to be a wet blanket either and i wasn't saying "don't" simply be careful. Stuff like this only recently became available to the public (if you will) and I'd just hate to see anything negative come out of it. Recasting in general has had such a gray area around here every now and again but there's a whole other gray area in letting pieces like this out in the first place.

In the end it's neither here nor there. I was simply issuing a word of caution. Thanks for being understanding! Can't wait to see how the restoration goes!
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