Predator Sculpture by Schell Studio


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This is wicked:




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not sure why ( maybe the stance ) but the 1st thing i thought of was, ABE SAPIEN and a PRED got alittle to close somewhere in that family tree.

tis a very very cool peice, any deas of the size of it?

Cavaler Urban

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I like it....,it's a raw Predator...without all the gizmos and gadgets.
it's a shower pred ,caught in the act and is mad about that!or it's a statue stance on his planet in front of the mayoralty with a plaque below : mayor bldb-baldabac! :)) :)
now seriously ,I like very much but I wander why the neckless is still on his neck!? :)


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Jordu Schell made a good Predalien maquette also.
He's a funny guy. Did u ever see his videos tutorials for FX magazine?
Its the best.
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