Pre-Autographed pictures at conventions - Are they legit?


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Back when my dad and I attended DragonCon last month, I noticed that there were a few venders that were selling pre-autographed pictures of not just actors who were attending the convention, but a few who weren't there. I noticed this because I had recalled when I went to Spooky Empire's May-Hem, I noticed there was a vender there also selling not just pictures of actors attending May-Hem, but they had a few that were autographed. Me, being a bit of a paranoid, had the thought that it would be a bad idea to buy pre-autographed pictures from such venders, because for all I knew, the autograph may have been forged by the vender(s) selling them as a means of exploiting fans.

But, I'm now beginning to wonder about the above. Does anyone happen to know for sure if pre-autographed pictures sold by venders are legit or is my previous call of them possibly being forged more legit than I realize?
I think a lot of times, vendors at shows make offers to buy autos from celebs that don't want to take home a stack of left over pics at the end of the weekend. They probably get a discounted rate.
I don't buy autographed pictures anymore, even if it the actor was there and are signing them. I rather shake their hands and talk to them a little bit, that's a better memory.
There is only one actor that i now would want a signed picture from and that is Bruce Campbell.
I talked to dealer at a convention selling autographs ( along with posters, magizines, and other collectibles ). He said he just goes around to each actor, at different shows, and gets signed pics from each one, then has a collection of them to sell. Not a bad idea, but I would still prefer to get them in person
That is a VERY "depends" type of answer. You got very reputable dealers and then you have scammers. Only go through those you trust, and COAs mean nothing these days.
Well, I know that Creation sells autographs, and since they normally handle conventions, it's safe to say those are legits ones. Getting them in person I know is actually legit, because you're there with the person seeing them sign the picture (I myself have Stephen King, Bruce Campbell, Edward James Olmos (most recent), Christopher Lloyd (most recent) and a couple of others too, all that were signed in person). eBay is definitely out of the question (as you can't really tell and I've seen one victim of eBay autographs on Pawn Stars. Not sure if anyone else remember the guy who tried to sell his Ernest Hemingway autograph and book). But when it comes to the smaller venders, I have to ask this question because I've seen these smaller venders at MegaCon, Spooky Empire's Ultimate Horror Weekend, Spooky Empire's May-Hem and at DragonCon, and can't help but wonder if the autographs they sell are actually legit.

So, if some of these smaller venders are legit, how do you tell the difference between the ones who are legit and the ones who are trying to rip you off?
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