Possible Biker Scout glove substitute


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I did a little sightseeing today and came across these gloves. I saw them, did a little bit of a double-take and came in for a closer look. Two sentences is long enough to wait for a few pics for comparison, so here you go.


strap with offensive KKK letters :eek folded back (my apologies, they don't even come with paper to tell me what the letters are supposed to stand for)


holding a rough biker scout pistol :angel

My first impression of these is as follows;

1- only three bands behind the knuckles, but easily room to add another (maybe from a second pair).
2- V-shaped area on back of gauntlet is a little wide, but still gives the right impression. The V-shape is echoed on the inside of the gauntlet as well, and need a couple other detail line stitched in.
3- palm pattern does not match original Esprit gloves.

All that said I still think this is a great pair of base gloves to work off of. The suede can be easily added, there's no pesky zipper removal process, and the lining is fairly thin, so it doesn't have to come out. The strap will take all of three seconds to remove cleanly. They seem to be a synthetic leather that's a little on the thinner side, but they do have a realistic leather look (see above).

So please folks, let me know what you think. I know I'm a little bit farther on my scout today. :D If people like them as much as I do and it doesn't step on anyone's toes I will toss some to the Junkyard soon. They are quite affordable.

Please bear in mind that Durasteel Corp. seems to be looking at a run of accurate leather gloves, so don't let this interfere with any choice you may be making in that respect.

I think I also found some Firefly coins and tallcards today. My weekend's off to a pretty good start. :love


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Understood. I kind of wonder why no-one caught this at an earlier point in production, but I'm pretty sure they're imported from somewhere so I think it's just a language barrier/ innocent mistake kind of thing. These came home in a shopping bag for mainly that reason. :confused I would have just taken the strap off before posting, but wanted to get impressions on the whole base glove. Again, my apologies if anyone is offended by these letters.


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No source yet. I'm just waiting for a paycheck at the end of the week, then going out and buying every pair I can get. At that time I'm hoping I can get a more steady source for them from the vendor.

There's no manufacturing information on the product; they just come in a clear plastic bag. No papers, no tags, washing instructions, nothing. Not even a "Made in China" sticker. Clearly this complicates finding a supplier, and just try Googling "KKK" with words like "gloves" and "winter". The results are only referring to the white supremacist organization or news stories pertaining to it so far.

Since the Esprits are long gone and the Tourmasters aren't showing up anywhere I think this may be our best starter glove without building from scratch.

I'll do what I can, and at least secure a few pairs. I don't want to make lots of small purchases and arouse suspicion from the vendor, just buy what they have at the end of the week and show interest in a supplier. At the least they might order more in right away, at best we have a new supplier for these gloves.


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Quick update for today; the vendor seems to have a case of them, but couldn't say if they would have more after that. That being said, I decided to pick up another four pairs so someone else could get a pair regardless of how it all pans out. They still had another good dozen pairs so supply doesn't seem to be an issue just yet. Expect these ones to appear in a junkyard near you as soon as my account gets upgraded.

Thanks to WC for pic hosting once again.