Polyester or epoxy


Hey guys .

kinda new on the forumsand with the whole pepakura stuff. I have done 1 helmet but chucket it since it was the first 1; warped, badly built ect..
So now Im starting helm number 2(to go with mu suit in foam that is almost done ) and I just wanted to ask about the "fiber glass clothing" on the inside of the helmet.. and well on the out side aswell.

What I have found around here is polyester and epoxy resin. so wondering if any1 have had any exp with them, or knows what would be best suited.

Thanks in advance for any help ^^
Either will work as well as the other only real advantage to the Epoxy is there will be little to no smell. But it is still advised to wear a mask and it is thicker so working it is a bit harder than the thinner polyester. All my stuff has been done in polyester.
if youre not in a hurry, id use polyester, because its cheaper
but it smells for quite some time

so, you got to store it somewhere where the smell doesnt bother you

other than that, yeah, your chouce
I have found epoxy to be more flexible and does not react so much to many materials you may use to build over. Polystyrne dissolves with polyester and I think EVA foam does too or goes tacky? I haven't tried the latter. Much experience with the former...

Epoxy allergies are very common though so be very careful about using protective clothng and masks etc.
cheers and thx alot for the answers.

Btw on different note(well kinda not)

I know ur not supposed to glassfibre EVa foam cuz its SUPPOSED to be flexi.. but has any1 tried it to see how it turns out ?
I was wondering, when Im doin the inside of the helmet, could I first use some pva white glue diluted with water or something to make the fiber glass stay in place, before I put on the resin...
I know theres adhesive sprays, but If I can save myself the few buks it costs :p

btw I went with the epoxy resin in the end since with the poly resin it was a one time use tube and the epoxy I can dose and use several times ..

thanks again
yeapp Imma use it like platidip later I read some were that 70/30 water and glue would work..

but I thougt I could use it to for the fiber glass so I dont have to buy a can of spray ad. for 9 bucks :S

thx sauron
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