Playmates Tricorder... Any good?


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While I'm not really a Trek fan myself (I did enjoy TNG), I have some buddies who are HUGE Trekkies (Trekkers? Which is appropriate?). The props at the Roddenberry shop are nice to say the least, but they are also rather expensive... at least from my perspective. However, poking around I have found some nice alternatives, for example: with a little work and some "after market parts" an Art Asylum Phaser makes a very nice representation of the TOS weapon. That brings me to the purpose of this thread:

$250+ is a bit much for a tricorder birthday gift, but I've noticed the Playmates TNG Tricorders going for less than $20. What do you guys think of these? Are they worth messing with? They look good in the auction pics, but there's never any size reference and these could be scaled down for kid's hands for all I know. Could a few LEDs and a little elbow grease turn this into a nice gift for a Trekkie, or would I just be wasting money and time with a poor starting point? If this toy does make a good starting point, then what modifications do you recommend? Are there any good parts suppliers you could PM me.

While we are on the subject: Are there any other options that are less than half my car payment?

I've got a hew months before my next Trek fan's birthday, so there is time to track down parts, win auctions, and assemble a finished piece. I just don't know what parts to buy, auctions to bid on, or assembly to do. A little help from those who have walked this path will be much appreciated. Links to tutorials would be awesome.
Playmates TNG tric: not bad. Not really up to "replica" standards. Would benefit from some mods, LEDs and a coat of paint. :D


But a fun piece out of the box. One of the better toy-props.

That is, the TNG tric is. That Playmates TOS tric is a piece of crap. :lol

There was a Playmates medical TNG tric too I believe.

- k
Ah, thanks for the comparison pics Mr. Wolf ;) That helps a lot. Looks like the Playmates unit is only slightly smaller. I was worried that they might have made it kid sized.

It obviously needs some work, but seems doable.

I don't see any screw holes in the toy. Are they hidden under the stickers/decals, or am I am going to have to cut one apart to upgrade the lights and sound?

Again, the help is greatly appreciated guys. Keep it comin'.
Hey there-

RedTwoX--Funny you should mention the term "TREKFAN" in your post. For years I was a huge fan back in Va. where I used to live. Had that as my personal license plate for years, :D GEEK was already taken. :)

Anyway. I have one, already disassembled, if you want it. All the parts are there, but I took apart the PC board in hopes of re-wiring it for new LED's. Never got around to it and couldn't tell you if it will still work or not. Existing lights are still there, along with a few rectangular LED's I bought for the project. At the very least, you have the entire shell with all but two unused decals still on the sheet.
$10 bucks to cover shipping and handling and its yours. email me off board if your
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