pics of sniper rifle

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could u guys get me some pics of sniper rifles used in star wars? imperial or rebel, prequel or sequel it doesnt matter.

or the chaingun from episode 3 or chaingun from any episode

Sluis Van Shipyards

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The only guns in the SW movies that you could classify as sniper rifles might be Zam's blaster rifle and the Tusken Raiders' rifles.

For a blaster contest way back I built a sniper rifle based on what I thought Myn Donos (from the Wraith Squadron books) might have used.

More pics here: with similar file names as above.


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There weren't really any sniper rifles used in the movies themselves - Only the video games... And those tended to be only slightly modified versions of guns seen in the movies, like the one seen above.
The chaingun was a Battlefront creation, was it not?

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The one the scout is holding is an MG 42.
Similar to the MG 34 that Sand Troopers carry. (heavy blaster not sniper)
the MG 42 is used as the base for the Smartgun and Remote Sentry guns in ALIENS.

In the movies Zam is the only one with a sniper rifle.