PhilCon? Farpoint?


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First off...I hope I got this in the right forum. If not, my apologies. I thought it would be better in the OT, but saw the PowerCon and ThunderCon threads had been moved here goes nothin'! :confused


Has anyone been to a PhilCon in the past?

Philcon 2011

I have plans Saturday morning, but I should be free that afternoon and am considering going, but it doesn't appear to be a huge Con. If it's a snooze-fest, I'd rather not waste my time. The website leaves a little to be desired when it comes to past events.

Looking for any feedback about the event.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: PhilCon?

I went about 7 years ago and it was quite dull back then. Couldn't tell you if it has gotten any better since though.
Re: PhilCon?

I went a couple years when it was still in Philadelphia, but not since it's moved.

DragonCon spoiled me so it seemed small and didn't offer much of what I liked: meeting a lot of people with a lot of great costumes. Most people did not dress up and I didn't know many there.

It's panels weren't too bad, hit or miss depending on your interests. The artwork show was pretty interesting the year I went and the dealers room had the basics.

I'd say it has potential to be a fun place to hang out if you're going with friends and are looking for a local con but don't have real high expectations.

If I can get costumes together for my boys I might go with my family... I'll let you know if we decide we can do it.
^Farpoint is hit and miss. Sometimes some good costumes and guest. Kinda has a reputation more for what happens in the bar. I skipped the last one or two, the last one I went to had Mirina Sirtis, and James Callis.

I remember it vividly, because while my wife and I were in line, a handler was saying that he didn't know how much longer Callis was going to be signing autographs, because he was up all night with an intestinal virus...and he kept saying, "He's such a trooper".

Also, there was a very big Dude wearing a kilt and he was in line asking Erin Gray what kind of fiber she takes to stay regular.

It was fun:)
Also, there was a very big Dude wearing a kilt and he was in line asking Erin Gray what kind of fiber she takes to stay regular.

Damn...there goes my idea for the Con. :angry BTW...what was her answer? :angel:lol

From what I've seen and read online, what you said is the same basic impression I got. Seems to be better than PhilCon, but even that's not guaranteed. Right now just looking for a Con early next year to get warmed up for Wizard World Philly and then D*C, even if it's only for one day.

Anyone else care to share?
Most Cons in PA tend to be kinda dull. I was spoiled by the Pittsburgh comiccon in the 90s and when I went to another con 2 years ago it was culture shock lol.
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