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Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by bcgd, Apr 11, 2006.

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    Will someone please explain why any scale model from Star Wars cannot be built without blowing a couple hundred bucks on eBay for discountinued model kits to bash. It's so frustrating. It's driving me crazy... Yeah, I know I could make my own parts but, really, is there anything out there that doesn't require an Airfix Saturn V or an Aurora Sealab? Just a newbie's observation. Thanks for listening (or reading).
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    Using kit parts is how the effects guys did it originally, so you're kind of stuck with that if you want to make a replica studio scale miniature.

    You might have better luck with the "Prequel" trilogy ships, since they were designed in a computer.

    - k
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    I know. That was the rhetorical part of the question. Back in "the day" you couldn't walk into a hobby shop without tripping over those kits. Today it really "impedes my process". Escape Pod for example: Good news is it's made from disposable paint buckets bought for loose change at Home Depot. Bad news is you have to take out a second mortgage to by the kits on eBay to complete it. :lol
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    That's what makes the hardcore SS modelers insane. It would be easier to break into the Lucasfilm archives and steal the real thing. I think that's what they really want anyway. :)
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    You should look at the prices for Scratchbuilding a TOS Galactica. Now that is INSANE....
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    Indeed... Stick to the smaller subjects and you'll be more likely to maintain your sanity.
  7. bcgd

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    Yeah but where's the fun in that? :lol
  8. Watson

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    Truer words have never been spoken :p
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    You have to remember that studio-scale modeling isn't just about having a model of a particular ship- if that were true, you could build your subject in any size, with any materials you choose, and the amount of money and time you spend is up to you.

    Studio-scale modeling is part model building, part scratch building, and part detective work. And when its done, its not just about having a model, its about having a conversation piece. Something that others can look at and marvel at how its more intricate (or more simple) than what they saw on screen, try to identify kit parts, or compare to toy/model kit versions they are familiar with. A part of it is also exclusivity- a lot of people have built model kits, but few have a REPLICA of a movie spaceship.

    Its also about size- yes size does matter. Most studio scale subjects are larger and more detailed than just about any assembled model kit. Larger models always seem more 'real'.

    Its the next best thing to having the original model used for filming- the same motivation that we as kids had for wanting toys of our favorite spaceships, the same motivation we had as young adults for building the kit, but new many steps closer. And yes, when us studio-scale builders complete a model, we do 'play' with them- in private and ever so gingerly, but we DO play with them. In those moments, we are holding THE spaceship we saw in the movie/TV show- the REAL thing; at least what we now know as adults was real thing.

    There is just more satisfaction in the process and final product. And once you complete one studio-scale model, you want more.

    This is why we spend far more time and money than most would putting together a model.

  10. BrundelFly

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    To answer your question...

    For the MOST part..........No.

    Maybe the skiff.
  11. swhite228

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    I think the key to studio modeling is to do the research and find out what kits go with what models. As was pointed out the Galactica kits are going to run a person several thousand dollars (I'm at $3,000 so far). For 1 model thats bad news, but when I started looking I found that the parts that weren't used on the G model were used on other ships.
    If your only going to do 1 ship your stuck unless you find others who have cast the parts. If your open to other ships and movies then your Saturn 5 kit will yeld not only parts for a Star Wars build, but also parts for a Large Hawk, a Laser Tank, Colonial Mover, and on and on.

    If you want to build something with out a lot of kit parts 2 ideas are the United Sanatation ship from Quark (the tv show)which main kit parts seem to be the warp engines from the Trek TOS Enterprise kits, or the TerraV from space patrol which has no kit parts on it.

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