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i need some help learning how to work with pepakura any technique on foldin gluing etc. i am currently working on the blood dragon mask from mass effect would really like advice
Hey bluebeetle91! Welcome to the rpf!

You will probably see a bunch of posts telling you to 'use search function' or 'there's tons of threads already.'

Both of those things are true; however, I'm going to be a little more helpful. When using the search function, search for exactly what you are doing. There aren't a lot of tutorials as such, but most threads on here are ongoing builds, so, if you want to know how to work pep, search for 'pep.' or even 'iron man pep.' most of them are works in progress (or wip) so you will see their entire process, basically step by step. Search for 'pepakura wip' or the like.

Hopefully this will be helpful when using this amazing resource!

well im bored and i cant sleep, so i will do this :D

first of all, hi :)
as you said you allready started a pep, so i guess, mountain and valley folds should be clear-but just for the fun of it:
Mountain fold: ----- fold should look like this /\
Valley Fold _._._._._ fold should look like this \/

thats the basics, but well.

cutting out should be the easiest part, if your pieces overlap for some reason, you can cut away parts of your flaps, but not of your main pieces.

now for folding:
i usually use a exacto knife for the folds, i scratch them on the front side if its a mountain fold (i dont cut through the paper, just 1 layer or so), and if its a valley fold, i turn my piece around, and do that same thing, only on the back side of the paper. Be sure to use a ruler for that, especially in the back, as otherwise your folds will be crooked, especially longer ones.
I dont tend to use a ruler for cutting out, but thats just me, because i do it faster and as accurate free handed. For the folds, i still use a ruler.

For glueing, i use hot glue, because of 1 simple point. If you mess up while glueing together, and you find out to late, you just go over the fold with your hot glue gun, and you can redo it, because the glue gets soft again.

one tip i can give you: dont try to do big pieces in one piece (for example chest pieces) this will give you a hard time trying this, because it will get out of hand (word play xD)
no srsly, the pieces get to big and you cant work right with them. go think your way throug before starting to pep. what would give good single pieces of the whole, so you can glue the premade pieces together easily afterwards.

thats basicly it for pepping,
when youre finished with that, you can resin the outside, and, by choices either rondo or fiberglass the inside, after that use some putty (e.g. bondo) on the outside, and then sand it down to your desired result. this WILL take time, so take your time, as time gives good results.
try only doing parts with the bondo too, not the whole thing at once, so you can remember the details, and dont get lost over all the work.
also use reference pictures, to get the details right, that will help a lot.

i guess thats it, thats more or less what you will find using search on pep :)

you can also look on youtube for pep tutorials, for example pep scaling, resining, bondoing, detail work etc.

every time when i print ill get at least one part that all of the numbers are jumbled all together and i dont know why.
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