Pep Files for Iron Man


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I am new here and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. I am looking for some Pep files for an iron man suit but I need them scaled for me. Im 5'8" and not super skinny. Can anyone help me? I have no idea where to look? Thanks so much for your time!!


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Search bar, yes. Google: ironman pepakura file. It is not rocket science. I don't think it's rude. Search this thread bar in the marvel franchise area. If you just spend a couple of minutes of searching you can find what it is you are looking for. Log jamming the thread, now that's rude. Sorry pal this is a great place to be and the people here are great. But do the research, and then if you can't find the answer then ask the question. Good luck to you buddy...GM


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We would likely show you how to scale the files properly but somehow the way you wite it seems u want us to do the actual scaling for you. If you've found the search bar, look for jackiesrockin mk42 thread and use search function, type in your height and some answers will show you which scale u have to use. GL mate
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