Paper mache spartan helmet


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Finally I can post the pics of this little project...
All paper mache and some paint...




Well, let me know what you think...:)


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looks great
i´m going to build some display pieces with these low cost papermaché powder
very hard and good to work

did you completley sculpt the helmet or work with moulds?


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Amazing. Tutorial? ;)
Hmmm. this will be hard to explain, however...

First of all I've cut the face plate out of cardboard, then I've done a dome piece using 3 strings of cardboard, one for the circumference of my head, then I've used the other two to make a "cross" over it, something like this:

Then I've done a rough backplate (still out of cardboard), I've used a lot of staples and scotch tape at this stage...

Then I "filled" the dome with other cardboard, now that the main shape was done I've attached the front plate, and I've trimmed the backplate and the "ears", then I've used hot glue to attach the ridge on the back side, amd now the hard/boring part...
I've filled the gap between the face plate and the dome with paper... Yes, paper, some duct tape to cap the hole and I've started to put LOTS of stripes of newspaper drenched in a mix of white glue and water over it, as smooth as possible... Lost of stipes of... Ooops I've already said that!:p
After a couple of days I've done something like 3/4 layers of paper mache over the helmet... And it wasn't that great...:unsure

But after some sanding, and some filling (with a mix of plaster and white glue) I did (again) some more sanding, until I was happy, finally to give some texture on the helmet I've dabbed just white glue with a sponge over the entire surface.
Now my grunt hemet were ready for paint... Wait! Grunt helmet? :confused
I was making a Leonidas helmet!
Well, easy fix: I've done the crest with cardboard, paper mache etc...
Then I've hot glued it on the top of the helmet (and the hot glue in excess looked a lot like a welded surface...).

I have primered the hemet with a dark reddish-brown, and finally I have used two different cans of golden spray paint to make the base color, and to finish it I've paint the green patina around the sharp edges and a dark brown wash in some areas...

I hope that this description makes some sense...

Oh, and thank you for your comments:)


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Awesome worrk! Who would've guessed it was mere papier mache!! Looks awesome and thanks for taking the time to explain how you made it! The great work really shows and it really does inspire!


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Wow, very nicely done! I've been working on a Spartan helmet of my own off and on since the movie was in the theatre...and I'm still not done. :lol Well done and nicely finished!
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