Painting a leather coat


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I bought a vintage leather trench coat for a costume. The color is entirely wrong but it is otherwise good. It is darker than the color needed, but in this style, everything will be dark. I couldn't find anything similar, in any size, that was lighter and could be dyed. I have seen leather paint, but was unsure if it could be used in large amounts or if it was inconsistent and only good for details. Has anyone tried?
There is two ways :p

Acrylic (acrylic hold wells to leather)

Inking should give better & durable results, but it's the hardest way !
I see this is an old post and I don't know if you ever got this project worked out, but the best method to re color leather is Meltonian Nu-Life color spray. It is designed for leather, vinyl and plastic. It comes in a variety of colors and is especially good for changing color on leather items. I've used it for changing boot color from black to brown, so going to a lighter color shouldn't be a problem. This stuff has been around for many decades. My mother used it in the 1960's when she had a pair of shoes she had to match to a specific stage dress.:D Sometimes your parents do teach you something useful.:lol
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