OWK transistors/washers What are they?

franz bolo

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5postboy had made some real nice ones. Another guy with a Panda as an avatar (can't think of his name) had made some.

I have a set of 5postboy's and they are really nice.



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They are the TO-39 transistors. Search ebay for TO39 or TO-39 transistors and you will find a modern equivilent for less then a dollar a piece. They are the same size as the old ones but do not have the stamp on the top.

As far as attaching them, you can try and drill the bottom and tap them so you can screw them into your saber, otherwise, epoxy might work.

When drilling the transistors be VERY careful they are quite fragile and will bend easy. I ruined countless ones trying to get it right.

For the washer, I was lucky enough to get some from a member here. I am not sure of what to use that could be found in a hardware store.

There is a couple of good threads all about this, try searching for Transistor or TO39 or something like that.

Good Luck.


edit: To comment on what Franz said, Stormpath was the other guy that made them. I too have a set of 5postboys and they are excellent.

Maybe post a WTB thread in the Junkyard and you might get lucky.

Darth Lars

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Stormpath made a run of replica transistors with threaded rods in sizes that fit both Roman's and Parks clamp spacers. (Parks was actually part of the gear assembly..) Maybe Stormpath has some left. ;)
I guess the transistors and washers on the original prop were glued on.
Otherwise, the transistors can be found in some old electronics or in stores specializing in obsolete components.

I don't think anyone has found perfect washers. I think they could have been adapters for M8 countersunk screws. I have also found some M7 washers that looked close, but never M8.
Ob1kenny did have some aluminum washers for sale earlier. Those are what I use.

Edit: Stormpath is the guy with the Panda avatar. :D
Be careful if you drill out real transistors. Clamp them in a piece of wood with a transistor-shaped hole, so that you don't sqash them. Drill slowly and not too far.


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Searh ebay for vintage transistors. You'll usually end up with a pack of 20 for about $8. The type we're looking for either goes by To-39 (as listed above) or sometimes PNP top-hat style germanium. Vintage ones usually have some sort of stamp on them, either on the top or sides or both.



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Just wanted to add, Radio Shack no longer carries the TO-39 so do not waste time there. I lucked out and found the last two at a Radio Shack near me after calling 6 different shacks.

Also, when drilling them use a stop so you do not drill through the top, I cannot think of the technical name, but it allows you to set the depth that the drill will travel. If possible use a Drill Press.


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Thank you all so much for the helpful advise. I HAVE contacted Stormpath, BUT his reply was short and he quoted me at $20. Thing is, I'm not sure what I get for that $20....

Just 2 transistors? Do I get a washer with that? Are they already drilled and tapped?

So TO-39 transistors on EBAY may be the way to go...Dunno.

What about the washer?



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Personally, I would recommend taking the Stormpath route. His work is fantastic, plus he is a great guy. I really do not think you will go wrong. His will come with the washers and they are already tapped to screw into your saber.

What type of saber is it? If it is a parks, you need the 6/32 thread. I believe the other thread available is 8/32.

If you do not mind the aggrevation of trying to drill out the transistors then finding the right washer then ebay may be your answer. I ruined about 45 transistors trying to get it perfect. It is really hard to clamp them in without bending them, then tapping them to accept a screw is quite difficult.

Good Luck.

Darth Lars

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You should ask him, not us. ;)
Stormpath's transistor threads have fallen off the board, but here is a pic I saved:
It contains two transistors and one or two washers (I am not sure). The transistors are not real - they are machined from aluminum and each has a treaded portion sticking out on the underside. They screw into a clamp spacer inside the clamp. (spacer or clamp not included)
A nice detail is that the washer is held onto the saber by the transistor and no glue is requried.

Dr. J

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The ONLY problem with buying transistors from Stormpath is that he only accepts Western Union (no Paypal) and the fees add quite a bit to the total purchase. He's in Asia I think and the fee is $18 to wire the money.


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Gone but not forgotten.
I have a couple of Stormpath's sets and they come with 2 tapped with threaded rod transistors and 2 washers...all you need to do is screw them on your saber...

Or you can use the washers and drill and tap your own transistors...

They're worth the money...they look great.

I believe he still makes both chromed and plain aluminum versions...I have one set of each.


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I'll have to add a thumbs up to Stormpath's transistors and washers.

I've gone through punching through real transistors. Then having a helluva time trying epoxy screws to it which wasn't very reliable.

Then I got a set of 5postboy's transistors and washers, but the screw attached to it is too small and I'd have to drill and tap my clamp spacer to whatever threading it is (in metric).

Finally, I got Stormpath's machined aluminum set as well as a chrome-plated set and they were perfect. With the 8-32 threaded screws already attached, all I had to do was screw them into my Roman clamp with ease. :D


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Originally posted by Dr. J@Nov 7 2005, 01:51 PM
What was the final price with shipping?  Did you have to wire the money via Western Union?

Per everybody's suggestions, I purchased a set of transistors/washers from Stormpath just yesterday. The actual items were in the hands of someone else in Japan. (Don't know why) Total cost for all items shipped to the states was $33. The Japanese person accepted paypal.


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Are these transistors from a Viet-Nam era radio?
(i.e. military stock transistors w/ round heat sinks)

That's one of the leads I had 2 years ago.
Does anyone try to get the transistor/washer flush with the clamp, or just accept that they are going to sit a little high since there is that "rim" around the base of the transistor??? With that "rim," my washer ends up sitting a little off the clamp.


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Although the To-39 transisters are pretty close to the ones used in the film I have a feeling the %100 correct ones are still out there.
I find it odd that custom washers need to be made to fit on these transisters.

A few years back I picked up some odd transistors that came with the washers already attached to them, and a threaded stem and nut attached to the bottom.
However they were the wrong size.



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Originally posted by rmschneider104@Nov 8 2005, 05:00 AM
Does anyone try to get the transistor/washer flush with the clamp, or just accept that they are going to sit a little high since there is that "rim" around the base of the transistor???  With that "rim," my washer ends up sitting a little off the clamp.

This is prop accurate.

Darth Lars

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I sanded my ob1kenny washers so that they are dished on the underside, flush to the clamp.
Not prop accurate, but rather how I like them to be. :)
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