Original Planet of the Apes playing in NYC

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A heads up for the tri-state-area crew, starting tomorrow (7/8) Film Forum is running a new 35mm print of the original Planet of the Apes for one week. The theater is a dive, but a new print will look primo. Info here.
I remember going to see it in our local theater when it first came out in 1968. It was an out of this world experience and no remake is ever going to do it justice. As much as I like Mark W, they should not have bothered remaking/remixing or whatever they call it.
I also saw POTA in its original run when I was 8. I liked it then and in ensuing years because it was monkeys with guns. Saw it again about 5 years ago for the first time in probably 25 years and was knocked over by how serious it was. Racism, segregation, science vs religion, lots of heavy themes set in a story that had plenty of action and moved very quickly without getting preachy. Fab script—god bless Rod Serling.

And, yeah, the Tim Burton version was a waste of money, despite a riveting performance by Tim Roth.
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