Original P1 Mask


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hi all

its been a long time since i have posted anything on here

i was fortunate enough to buy a one off mask from director and artist Sandy Collora

it is a P1 mask straight from the stan winston movie mould

it was given to Sandy 10 years ago for the production of Batman Dead End

it was used as refference for the masks sculpted for BDE

it is cast out of very thick latex and very sturdy!

the detail is amazing and the condition for old latex is second to none

i thought you would all like to see it so here you go

it is pictured next to one of my stunt bios i got from ptgreek thanks G


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Nice score dude.

i own the peice that was cut out from the screen used faceless mask, and the area i have looks identical to that. ;)
thanks guys

hay Lee, before i bought it i checked it against your pieces and they match perfectly,i then obviously spoke to sandy who confirmed its authenticity

the pictures dont do it any justice
So you're the one who outbid me huh Luis. LOL
congrats on a great score Luis. Is there any way you could take some close ups in better Ligthing? that would be most appreciated. ;)
Hay Lem nice to hear from you brother! So it was you who bid me up!! Hahaha

You still got my mander bio!!! Hope your looking after it for me I haven't forgotten about it

I will of course take some more pictures for you sir just give me some time I'm not great with pictures!! As you can see!


Hey Luis,
~you have me drooling over my keyboard once again my man !! ~ awesome piece and another great addition to the growing collection...you can expect a visit from me .....VERY SOON !!!
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