Original Mouse Droid manual online, ElstreeProps


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DonÂ’t know if any has posted about this yet, but..

Elstree Props (.com) (as in Elstree Studios) has the original Mouse Droid building manuals online now as well as the Tredwell manual. Oh and a few small scans of some blue print sketches. Go check it out:


So funny story here, IÂ’m still signed up for the Mouse Droid builders Yahoo group. As I still have my body and have no time to build it. But anyhow most of the messages are pretty standard over time, from new people to old ones that are building these things. Standard until just about 2 days ago when someone new showed up with an Elstree Email address saying he had just found our group through an internet search and wanted to know if we would be interested in checking out the original manual for this droid, as they still have a copy on hand. Well what do you think, that woke up a ton of people that had been sleeping a while on this almost dead group.

Oh and someone has already asked about an R2 unit manual and they said they have one but itÂ’s really think and donÂ’t know yet about posting it up.

So go check it out, and no IÂ’m not really here, this isnÂ’t me as IÂ’m too popular for this place now. I kid, but I know I have been around in forever, been busy with the little women and planning a small Vegas wedding for March.


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Gone but not forgotten.
Very cool Ken.
Hey Man, Congradulations...

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.



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Awesome. Checking some of the other links on their site, it looks like they have the hero Luke ROTJ saber and a few pics of it 'exploded' where you can even see the internal components. They even have a full size R4 unit on ebay. Pretty interesting stuff. Thanks Kenny.


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Thanks for all the good wishes guys.

And yeah, I haven't had the time to go through the whole website yet myself but there is some pretty cool stuff on there.


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OK. This is going back a ways but does anyone have the treadwell and mouse droid manual stuff from the old elstree props site? Fingers crossed...


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Congratulations on your wedding plans, Ken!
Thanks for the link but it seems it doesn't work for me...

Captain Pugwash

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Rocko, the original post is from 2006 mate.

I thought the same thing...hmmm the link does not work, then checked the date of the post. :)


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FRAK! That's the second time in my RPF history that i fell into this necropost trap... :facepalm
Thanks for the info anyway, mate!