One other question to the owners of trooper armor


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Ok...I thought I had the armor thing figured out...but perhaps not.
How do you:

1.Attach the armor pieces (ie leg armor pieces) to each other? ABS glue? Velcro?

2. Keep the armor from falling down/off your limbs? Is it velcroed to the undersuit?

Thanks again


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some pieces i glued together with hot glue
snap system with "pattex" and hot glued over the small plastic sheets

my thigths attached to a belt system with elasto straps
my biceps don´t need straps.


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I have some foam inside my forearms to keep it from rotating, and also use straps and belts to keep it suspended.


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Here's my set up...

My Shin Armor is attched via velcro at the back and glued on the front.

Thigh Armor is glued on both ends and put on like pants. It is attached/secured/held up to my waist via a "garter belt' type system.

Hope this helps.

Stay safe.


P.S. Checkout this writeup that was done about me suiting up and you can see in the pics of the set up. :)

Suiting Up A Trooper


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Here is what I did...

top down...

Shoulders-shoulder bells have a small strap that goes from the bells up to ABS shoulder straps. The strap has snapps at both ends to connect them to each other.

Biceps- The bicep rings I have a small strap glued from them to the shouler bells, this keeps them from falling down or turning around.

Forearms- Luckly on these my arms are small enough that I could just glue mine together and then put a little foam inside to keep them from turning around or moving up and down.

Thighs- With the thighs i have a leather belt on under neat the ab plate and this has two elastic straps looped over them that snap to the thighs. This keeps the weight off the abe plate and with the elastic straps will still move up and down slightly with your movment to help with range of motion. The thighs are glued together and you just slip them on then snap the straps to them and done.

Calves- These were simple, I just glued the front then on the back I used industraial strengh velcro that is held on by super glue. Remember to make sure the velcro is where you want it then super glue it. The humidity and sweat can make the velcros glue come undone. After that my calves never move, but if you happen to be thin just put some foam in them to keep them from moving around.

I hope this helps, if you want to know more about my set up just PM me or post and I will try to answer anything you have or send ya pictures.