One of my commissioned work made it into the final of a competition


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If you like it, I'd appreciate a vote from you :)

There re two places to vote. Votes from both sites wil be combined to make up the final score.

1) Goto this link:
Cosplay Finalist #11 : Joanna Lye

and click on the 'Like' button at the top:

2) Goto this link, first you need to 'Like' the main page, then come back and 'Like' the pic in the link.

I've attached some detail pics of the costume at the bottom of this post, which are not available at the site above.

Thanks in advance! :)

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Thanks for the compliments, and a big thank you to those who voted :)

As its stands we're now in second place, just slightly behind the Final Fantasy cosplayer.

Do help spread the word to being in more votes if you think my costume deserves 1st place :)

Voting ends midnight Sept 7th local time(GMT +8)
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