Once upon a Time

Discussion in 'Free Replica Paper Props' started by Norbert, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. Norbert

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  2. epilepticsquirl

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    Nice one! :thumbsup
  3. steffi955

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    This looks so amazing! Great job!
  4. familyman

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  5. Polexia

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    Oh fantastic! I'm already hooked on this show. Well done! :thumbsup
  6. Norbert

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    Will if you have not heard it has been picked up for a full season. :) The poster above abc was nice enough to post it as part of the photos from this weeks show.

    What other cool paper props could we do from the show. I'm thinking about counting the book out since. I have a felling there adding thing in to the book all the time.

    Does any one have any other ideas?
  7. jedimarkj

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    Very cool! Thanks for sharing!
    I'm definitely liking this show!

    As for other paper props, what about the "Curse"?
    I don't think there were good shots of it though...
  8. PotionMistress

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    I just started watching this show and it seems ripe with potential for fantastic props. Your wanted poster is great! Thanks for sharing!

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