Suggestion Non contributing members "spamming" the JY/ Project run sub-forums...


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Similar topics have been discussed in the past, but with a few members literally "spamming" the JY and the project runs forums, I want to bring it up again...

I am aware of the conditions to allow a member the use of either forum, but what if the -pretty obvious- only reason for people joining this community or -in case of long term members- still being part of it, is solely to use the RPF as a platform to promote/ SELL their stuff? I am sick of seeing the exact same names in the JY and/ or PR forums over and over and over again and can´t imagine being the only one.

And I don´t even touch the topic of people bumping their JY items on a daily (!) base :wacko

Thanks in advance for your opinion!


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Sadly, as long as they bump once a day, they break no rules.
And as long as they pay to be premium, they are permitted to sell. Remember, there are no fees here outside of going premium, so it is very attractive to a lot of sellers. They don't want to be giving up 10-20% of their sales to sites like eBay, and those sites get greedier every few years, and they increase reasons for fees. Recall the split of Paypal from eBay? They were under the same umbrella and there was a max fee they could charge as a company. So by splitting off, BOTH now can hit you with the max fee. So people come here to sell as they only have to pay Paypal fees. I can't really fault them.


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Sorry Markus!!!!!!!!
i just couldn't restrain myself
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please accept my apologies ( you got spammed) :love
:lol all is fine Ben

I am fully aware, that these people actions are completely within the RPFs rules...but they are rubbing me the wrong way nevertheless ;)

I think it was Think Jedi, who posted about specific items getting bumped over and over again and started quite a discussion...
Ah well...maybe it´s just me and I wouldn´t even bother if all of the bumped items would be SW related :lol


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I can get where your coming from with your post Markus , seeing items being constantly bumped is quite annoying, but as soon as you post an item then somebody posts another then another, before long your item is on the next page, before you know it it's on the 3rd page !! Not everyone looks in the junk yard every day ( guilty I do ) and not everybody goes past page 1 ( I don't ) so I think bumping to keep it on page 1 to keep it fresh is the only way I think they are going to get max publicity, but they also bump when they have a price drop. NOW in my personal opinion, after selling items myself I think I've only bumped a couple of times, only after a couple of weeks then left it to run its course, only when people have asked questions about my item has it been bumped, I think that's what sellers should do.( just let it run )
Also, bumping should be limited to 3 bumps per month unless your price dropping, that would also give new items time to stay on the first page and keep the first page fresher,
Also what about different sales threads. Star Wars items, J Dread items, GOTG and so on. They have different build threads so how about different sales threads or even blaster sales, pistol sales, light sabers, knives, swords, masks, costumes and so on, ( it does get boring searching through it all when your not interested in 75% of it ) you can then search for exactly what your looking for! just a thought, would it also cut back the bumping if you knew your item would be in its own category ( not fading away )and not jumbled up with every other category in the universe ?
Thanks ( just my opinion)