New Mini-BSG Model - Build Up


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Well, after 4 straight days, it's done. This was a great kit. I was able to add the enclosed starboard hangar bay windows, and added some of the 'antennas' to the front. Though I am now blind (thanks Coby.) for trying to work with such small details, the end result from a small distance is awesome.

Let me know what you think, and to those building it - Get some glasses.. :)



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Beautiful build up. Personally, I think the depth on the bow hull plating makes yours nicer than the essentially flat CG model.


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Thanks guys.. Appreciate the sentiments.
At this small scale, it's hard to get things 'perfect'. So I won't claim I did make it that way. But, it really looks COOL when you sit back a couple feet and just look at it.

Coby really deserves all the credit/recognition for making such a remarkable little kit. I just like to play with it and bring it to life.

Love to see other folks' build ups when you get 'em done.

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