New Matt Smith Doctor Who Coat


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the best i can tell it's a sort of glen plaid pattern. its got the stripes going down but instead of horizontal stripes its just light red lines. i've been looking on Ebay since february for this kind of coat but there's honestly nothing like it out there from what iv'e seen. :cry
We need you Magnoli!


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You are close. Because it doesn't have matching horizontal stripes, it's not a Glen Plaid - it's a Russell Plaid.


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Why would Abbyshot do such terrible vague sizing? I'm between an L and an XL. A 44 can sometimes fit me, and sometimes be too tight, while a 48 would definitely be too big.


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Yeah, the Abbyshot sizing looks a little off - if its worth it to you, you may want to get the size up and have a tailor take it in for you. It's an expensive blazer for sure, but you won't find it cheaper and more accurate unless Baron can pull it off...


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Do we think this coat is replacing the tweed jacket? As much as I like the new coat, I've really grown on the tweed jacket - and already finished my 11th costume - so I'm not to keen on updating already!

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I'm not really into a lot of the design decisions in the 11th doctor era...for instance, the new tweed jacket, and those Gstar jeans, i saw a pair in person and just wasn't into them. But Matt Smith is cool enough to carry a lot of this stuff off, and that coat looks pretty good on him. I still say it's probably a high-end item and not a military coat, but I'd love to be proven wrong.


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Story-wise he probably picks it up in WW2. Costume-wise I'd say it's a custom job.

Really liking this coat, it's next on my list of 11 wardrobe items to pick up!


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My first post. Happened upon this place accidentally when I was searching a similar subject.

The green coat is not custom. In an interview the decision to use it was based
entirely upon matt smith already wearing the jacket when Moffat turned up
on set one day and thought it would be perfect, so it's Smith's own coat.

Knowing this, i knew what to search.
His coat is a (US) navy peacoat. He wears
a blue version in promo shots and
happened to be wearing the green
one one day during rehearsal.
Moffatt liked it so they rolled with it.

FUll length pea coats are not easy to
find. If you wanted an easy option,
a US Navy 44inch Bridge Coat would
be a close match, but only comes in
blue as far as i know.

Matt's boots custom, but All Saints layer boots,
very close and easily modifiable from

His jacket is a custom, i believe, but is
made from readily available Shetland Tweed.

Hope this helps.
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Very interesting. Do you have a link to the interview?

I personally saw it myself at the BFI during their Q&A session
about the autumn launch. Someone asked about the new
coat and the answer forthcame.

The best link I can find is here:

Doctor Who: Let’s Kill Hitler BFI | Life of Wylie

Q: The Doctor’s new coat?

Steven Moffat: “Well, the Doctor went into the Tardis and realised he was starting to whiff a bit. Matt fancied a different coat. It’s not a great story, is it? I turned up one day and he was wearing it, I think.”


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Moffat's explanation about the new coat is far too brief. I'm wondering if Smith will alternate between the new coat and the tweed.
I've grown quite fond of the tweed - and I know Smith wanted a new look because I remember him making a comment about it in an interview a while back.
One of the reasons I cancelled my order for the Abbyshot 11th coat was in anticipation of it being replaced with the new one.


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Yeah, that doesn't make it sound much like it was Matt's own off-the-shelf coat. The closest thing I could think of is that it might be loosely based on the navy greatcoat Matt was wearing on the S5 press tour.
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